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Asian Bowl / AED 65

Charming Asian-inspired bowl with sesame rice, tamari vegetable wok, shiitake mushrooms, artisan tofu and sautéed pak choi. Served with sesame and miso sauce.

VG |  GF | DF


Asian Bowl with Tuna / AED 85

A tuna alternative that’s just as appetizing.

Sesame rice, tamari vegetable wok, shiitake mushrooms, sautéed pak choi, and a mouthwatering tuna tataki, drizzled with sesame and miso topping.



Caribbean Bowl with King Fish / AED 72

Freshness explosion of summer flavors, inspired by the cuisine of New Orleans, Cuba, and the Caribbean. Creamy coconut rice, sauteed vegetables with Cajun spices, fresh pineapple, and marinated king fish salad, and smooth sweet potato cream.



Indian Bowl / AED 65

Epic Indian-inspired bowl. Carrot salad with cumin, tofu in rogan josh sauce, Pulao rice with peas and cumin seeds, and delicately seasoned lentils.

VG |  GF | DF


Indian Bowl with Cod Fish / AED 82

A fish alternative of our Indian bowl. Carrot salad marinated with cumin, Pulao rice with peas, seasoned lentils and cod cooked in a Rogan Josh sauce.



Italian Bowl / AED 65

Rich and delicious bowl which offers a new flavor at every bite.

Eggplant caponata, basil pesto and cashew nuts, traditional Tuscan chickpeas farinata, sweet and sour pepper salad, a mix of cherry tomatoes and balsamic vinegar topping.

VG |  GF | DF


Lebanese Bowl / AED 65

A taste of Middle-Eastern tradition.

Mixed salad, crunchy quinoa salad, hummus, and falafel, drizzled with sesame-based topping.



Mexican Bowl / AED 68

Mexican flavors explosion! Creamy guacamole, crunchy Mexican rice, sweet corn salad and Pico de Gallo.

VG |  GF | DF


Pacha Mama Bowl / AED 65

A fresh, Mediterranean bowl high in nutrients and protein.

This fresh quinoa salad is refreshing, crisp and delicious. It’s simply made with a mix of crunchy vegetables and dried tomatoes.

VG |  GF | DF


Rainbow Bowl with Salmon / AED 85

A fresh bowl rich in nutrients: proteins, mineral salts, vitamins, fiber and complex carbohydrates will help you face the day while remaining light. Marinated beetroot salmon, tender mango, vegetables, two types of rice, all drizzled with yogurt sauce.



Soul Tuna Bowl / AED 82

Rich tuna and egg salad with Romaine hearts, cherry tomatoes, radish, and Taggiasca olives, in mustard and extra virgin olive oil topping.

A complete dish, high in proteins, mineral salts and vitamins.



Soulgreen Bowl / AED 65

A perfect bowl to stay light and get a vitamin refill.

Mixed salad with crunchy vegetables, dried fruit, pomegranate, and soft avocado.

VG |  GF | DF


Thai Bowl / AED 65

Comfort food in a Thai-inspired bowl, steamy and filling!

Vegetables cooked in a green curry sauce, red rice, coleslaw and a mix of seasonal vegetables sautéed in the wok.

VG |  GF | DF


Thai Bowl with Cod Fish / AED 82

Hot and rich bowl with cod sauteed in green curry, red rice, coleslaw,  a mix of seasonal wok vegetables.






Pink & White Risotto / AED 75

Creamy risotto with beetroot, crunchy almonds and vegan cashews Stracchino cheese.

VG |  GF | DF


Porcini Risotto / AED 82

Creamy risotto with the freshest Porcini mushrooms.

VG |  GF | DF


Green & White Risotto / AED 72

Creamy risotto with spinach cream, vegan Stracchino cheese and chopped pistachios.

VG |  GF | DF


Noodles alla Norma / AED 72

Fresh Gluten-free noodles served with a rich eggplant and tomato sauce.

VG |  GF | DF


Noodles with Mushrooms / AED 80

Fresh gluten-free Tagliolini noodles and seasonal mushrooms.

VG |  GF | DF


Noodles with original Pesto / AED 72

Gluten-free noodles in traditional Genovese Pesto sauce, with green beans and potatoes.

VG |  GF | DF



 Green Gazpacho / AED 39

Light and fresh green pepper-based soup with green tomato, cucumber, and creamy avocado.

VG |  GF | DF


Green Velouté / AED 39

Creamy green vegetable soup perfect for a light and detoxifying meal.

Leafy greens are good source of many nutritional properties.

VG |  GF | DF


Indian Mish Mash / AED 39

Delicately seasoned Indian lentil soup with crunchy vegetables.

VG |  GF | DF


Nonna I Miss You / AED 39

Traditional Minestrone soup with a twist! Hearty clear soup with seasonal vegetables.

VG |  GF | DF


Thai Soul with Amerjack / AED 49

Japanese Amberjack tartare and hot coconut milk soup with vegetables, lemongrass, coriander, lime, and ginger.

GF |  DF | F


Thai Soul Winter / AED 39

Thai-inspired hot vegetable and coconut soup with an infusion of lemongrass, coriander, lime, and ginger. Strong and slightly spicy flavor.

VG |  GF | DF






Red Quinoa Burger / AED 60

A perfectly balanced burger,light and nutritious at the same time!

Quinoa and beetroot burger, with a tasty mushroom mayonnaise, tomato and salad in a soft gluten-free bread. Served with our signature Crisps & Dips!

VG |  GF | DF


Cod Burger / AED 75

Delicate cod and potatoes burger with tomatoes, salad, parsley soy mayonnaise in a soft gluten-free bun. Served with our signature Crisp & Dips!

GF |  DF | F


Falafel Wrap / AED 42

A taste of Middle-Eastern tradition:

falafel gluten free wrap with creamy coleslaw and tomato.

Served with our signature Crisp & Dips!



Tuna & Mustard Wrap / AED 70

Tuna slowly baked in the oven with spices, sweet mustard, soy mayonnaise, tomato, and baby spinach. All wrapped in fresh gluten free tortilla.

Served with our signature Crisp & Dips!







Aspargus Salad / AED 55

Irresistible spring salad with asparagus, red chard leaves, crunchy hazelnuts, and lemon citronette. Raw asparagus has a number of potential health benefits,

including digestive and cleansing qualities, it’s also rich in vitamins and fibers.

VG |  GF | DF


Avocado Salad / AED 56

Exotic avocado salad with cherry tomato and mango in a lime citronette topped with flax seeds.

VG |  GF | DF


Green Salad / AED 47

Extremely healthy green salad is perfect for your detox diet because leafy greens rich in antioxidants, vitamins and folate, essential for our body well-being.

VG |  GF | DF


Spring Bloom Salad / AED 47

An explosion of spring flavors and aromas, for a good portion of the antioxidant activity and energy. Salad with avocado, strawberries and dressing with balsamic vinager and strawberries.

VG |  GF | DF



Tomatoes Salad / AED 48

A colorful and aromatic twist to your day! Three tomato salad with celery, onion, sweet apple balsamic vinegar, extra virgin olive oil, basil, and oregano.

VG |  GF | DF





Amberjack Tartare / AED 85

Japanese Amberjack tartare with green apple, cucumber and fresh spinach complemented by balsamic apple vinegar and caramelized pepper cream.



Avocado Slice / AED 44

Sliced and seasoned avocado, with pomegranate, and mixed seeds. Avocado taste is complemented by its nutritional qualities: it is rich in antioxidants

and it counteracts cholesterol.

VG |  GF | DF


Bruschetta Avocado and Salmon / AED 60

A delicious and energetic bite with homemade beetroot-marinated salmon and guacamole with our gluten-free bread.



Bruschetta with Cod / AED 50

Bruschetta with creamed salt cod, soy milk, capers, red Tropea onion, and cherry tomatoes with our gluten-free bread.



Bruschetta with Twin Tomatoes / AED 40

Bruschetta with black and date tomatoes on our gluten free bread.

A slight twist on the classic Italian dish!

VG |  GF | DF


Crisps & Dips / AED 42

Our signature bite! Delicately seasoned and cooked three times potatoes are incredibly crispy outside and very soft inside. Served with ketchup, bbq sauce, and soy mayonnaise.

VG |  GF | DF


Grilled Corn / AED 42

Our grilled corn, extremely tasty and fresh.

VG |  GF | DF


Guacamole / AED 58

Traditional avocado-based Mexican dip with gluten-free corn torillas.

VG |  GF | DF

Hummus / AED 33

Keep it classic! Creamy chickpeas and oriental spices dip served with crunchy bread gluten free.



Langoustine Ceviche / AED 105

Langoustine ceviche with fruit and vegetables (mango, tomato, pepper, cucumber, onion) with Leche de Tigre and chili.



Lobster Ceviche / AED 105

Lobster ceviche with fruit and vegetables (mango, tomato, pepper, cucumber, onion) with Leche de Tigre and chili.



Potato Sliced / AED 35

Our sliced potatoes, thinly cut and served with a trio of herbs and smoked salt to be soft and tasty all the way through.

VG |  GF | DF


Salmon Tartare / AED 75

Fresh salmon tartare with mango, topped with fresh fennel salad, crispy green onion and pistachio.



Sea-bass Carpaccio / AED 80

Sea-bass carpaccio with mixed wild leaves and red fruit.

GF |  DF | SH


Gluten-Free Focaccia / AED 20

100% Gluten-free, prepared every day with a flour mix devised by us served with olives tapenad

VG |  GF | DF

Spinach Hummus & Crudité / AED 39

Assorted seasonal baby veggies and crispy bread gluten-free served with spinach hummus.



Tuna Tartare / AED 85

Tuna tartare with avocado , wasabi mayo and tamarind - walchester dressing GF | DF |  FISH


Tuna Tataki / AED 92

Pan-seared tuna fillet with sesame seeds, mustard sauce, and maple syrup.

GF |  DF | SH







Cacao Mousse / AED 40

Creamy avocado and cocoa mousse, with crunchy hazelnuts and red fruit coulis.


Chocolate Slice / AED 45

Peanut butter and chocolate fondant cake served with a delicious Vanilla ice cream.


Creme Brulèe / AED 30

A classic that never fails to win you over! Sweet vegetable milk and vanilla cream covered with a crunchy caramelized sugar.


Exotic Brulèe / AED 45

Exotic fruit cream under a crispy layer of caramelized brown sugar and berries.

A light, healthy and delicious dessert.


Flavored Ice Creams / AED 35

Soulgreen homemade vegan-based ice creams and sorbets selection.


Fruit Salad / AED 40

Refreshing seasonal and exotic fruit salad.


Fruit Salad & Ice Cream / AED 50

Refreshing seasonal and exotic fruit salad served with vanilla ice cream.


Mango Cheesecake / AED 45

Our signature refreshing cheesecake with cashew covered with mango glaze.


Sweet Trifle / AED 35

Sweet Spring awakening! Fresh strawberries, coconut cream and crunchy cookie.

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